Sunday, December 25, 2011

Future Christmas

I would very much love for my house to look like this next year.

Thanks, bye.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

future dream home

I would love it if my house looked like this.

Sorry I have neglected you blog.

That's all for now, bye.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm engaged!! I cannot even believe it... I mean I knew it was coming, but it's crazy that it's official. I am so blessed to have found that special man God has had in store for me all along. It's absolutely perfect.

How he did it: He came over after Tae Kwon Do (even though he didn't actually go! little liar...) and walked in with a grocery bag full of candy that he got for my Guatemala trip. He took each out one at a time, and ended with the ring. I was SO surprised! Nothing extravagant, but he knows that if he tried anything over the top, I would totally catch on lol.

He then told me he was taking me somewhere which ended up being his house. I figured we'd have a little get together with his family and some close family friends. I opened the front door and saw the room full of my closest friends and family! Ahhh! I was so surprised! It was the perfect ending to the perfect night!

I typically get annoyed when people post so much about their life, but now I understand that they're just so excited they can't help it! Anyways, you may get a few sneak peaks of the planning here and there... we'll see!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

this weather

is making want to curl up with a good tv marathon and some occasional Stumble Upon. SO I will do just that for the hour of free time I have. BYE.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The heart to serve.

God is developing in me a heart to serve. I have always had the heart to serve "young people," and of course I love to serve, but I have never really had the absolute yearning to serve people in need. I had a blast packing and serving food for the Harlem community on choir tour (Snack Crew '11!). Serving is SO FUN, it makes you feel great, and it truly reveals the image of Christ.

Last week, as I was driving my nephew downtown for SPARC rehearsal, I saw two drivers give homeless people money. Now, I typically never see people give money. I had the urge to give a man my bag of cheese-itz, but for lame reasons like time and the fact that I had my nephews in the car, I did not. (although we did have a convo about giving homeless people food). The whole fact is that I am seeing more and more God placing that desire in my heart.

I randomly watched an episode of Kate Plus 8 (yeah, I know, you can laugh), and they were serving the Food Bank. That place is awesome, by the way. They feed thousands of hungry people all by donations and volunteering. It was awesome to see not only Kate serving, but teaching her 8 little ones what it means to serve and how blessed they truly are. Again, God was tugging at my heart.

This seems silly, but on my way home today, while driving into the neighborhood, I was stopped by a road worker. The right lane was closed up ahead, so all drivers had to go back and enter into the other neighborhood entrance in order to get home. The man directed me, and I politely said with a smile, alright, no problem, I'll go into the other entrance. He was inspired by my positive response. He thanked me for not cussing him out, and I assured him that it's really no big deal, and I understand it was just his job. I then asked him if he needed any water since it was like 800 degrees out today, he replied "yes," so I ran to Ride-Aid to get him some waters and a Gatorade. Although this seems silly, it really felt so great to share the love of Christ with him, be a positive, joyful face, and give him some water. I just hope he remembers that for the rest of the day. While I was going into the other entrance, I saw another worker, offered him some water, he complied, and I went home, grabbed some water, and brought it back. He too was filled with gratitude. I ended both instances with "Have a blessed day," (although that seems cowardly because I should have more openly shared God's love with them... still workin' on that one.)

All this to say, I'm not trying to sound like Miss America, but it truly does feel great to bless people with the blessings God has given me. I'm pumped for CARITAS tonight!

Thank you Lord for the ability and resources to serve.

Monday, June 27, 2011

i heart

The teal/red combo.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

overwhelming stress and anxiety.. often for no good reason!

I frequently freak out when I don't need to. For instance, today... We had a little dance thing at a church way out far South Side this morning, and ten minutes before leaving, I realize my precious black chord is no where to be found. SO I call John, during a minor panic attack, breathing heavily and on the verge of tears (like the show wouldn't go on without MY chord). So of course, as always, he calms me down and reassures me that we can just run to Target to buy another one. Worthless panic attack #1.

On my way home, I get a phone call from the Passport Headquarters that I do not have the right picture for my Passport (I gave them my old passport photo because the man said it was fine)... Minor freak out... Let's just say I went to CVS for the photo, got some tour shopping done, and my cousin hooked me up with overnight shipping all in a matter of 30 minutes. Worthless panic attack #2.

Also on the way home, I freaked out because I left my beloved teal travel cup at the forever far away church. John reassured me that I can find a cup like that anywhere, and he would gladly buy me another one. Worthless panic attack #3.

I wish I didn't do this so often. I shouldn't. I need to be more confident that the God who created the heavens and the earth can take care of my very miniscule problems.

With all that said, I am leaving this post with the confidence that He will help me get all of these things finished:

Classroom management plan
Additions to First Week of School lesson plans
3 Article Hand-outs
Sunday School
Youth Group
Choir Tour Devotions
Choir Tour Week Prayer List
Booklet Games
Bus Games

Please God help me get through this week. Love you.